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The Art of Engineering - Page 3 of 3 - Network of Knowledge and Innovation

Noval Technology influencing Underwater Electrical Barriers


An outbreak of shark attacks at some of Australia’s most popular beaches has prompted the authorities to consider radical measures to try to deter the predators, including underwater electrical barriers powered by waves. Australia has the world’s highest rates of shark attacks, with 19 unprovoked attacks recorded so far this year, up from 11 in …

NASA’s Hubble Finds Giant Halo around the “Galaxy”


Halos are the gaseous heavens of galaxies. The properties of these gaseous halos regulate the rate at which stars form in galaxies conferring to models of galaxy formation. The gargantuan halo is predicted to contain half the mass of the stars in the Andromeda galaxy itself, in the form of a hot, diffuse gas. If …

Nano-Engineering (Advanced Technology): Cure Heart Attack and Stroke


Australian researchers funded by the National Heart Foundation are a step closer to a safer and more effective way to treat heart attack and stroke via nanotechnology. According to researchers, this latest step offers a revolutionary difference between the current treatments for blood clots and what might be possible in the future. A nanocapsule is …

“Save Electricity to Light More Homes”


The report entitled “The Economics of Battery Energy Storage,” by the nonpartisan, non-profit organization in Snowmass, Colo., states that most batteries already in use serve only as backup power when other electricity is not available. Instead, the electricity in the batteries could help to reduce congestion over power lines as utilities work to send power from …

A Day in the Life of an Aerospace Engineer


  “Junior Level Aerospace Engineers” use their knowledge of aerospace theory grown through a pertinent educational background to effort as consultants for aerospace companies. Since, the aerospace industry is an advanced one there are not a lot of significantly innovative designs to study at a rapid pace as with other information technology projects. Junior consultants …

“Bacterial Species Surviving on Space Environment”

Bacillus pumilus bacteria are gram-positive, aerobic, spore-forming, rod-shaped prokaryote. They occur in soil, water, air, and decomposing plant tissue. It is often found on the developing roots of soybean but it does not harm the plants. --- Image by © Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc./Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

Forty million spores of Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032, a highly buoyant strain of bacteria, rises to the edge of space so they can relax in the frigid cold, extreme low pressure and intense solar ultraviolet radiation at the verge of space. The strain of bacteria to be verified first is normally found in clean rooms where …

“Disposable Epidermal Electronics: A Novel Research”


Investigators of one of the renowned university has designed a technique for creating inexpensive and high-performing wearable covers that can endlessly monitor the body’s vital signs for human health and performance tracking, possibly overtaking traditional monitoring tools such as cardiac event monitors. The team’s manufacturing method tenacity is to construct disposable tattoo-like health monitoring patches …

“NASA Awards: Orbital ATK for Aerospace Propulsion Technologies Research”


RTAPS2, part of aerospace research accomplishments at the agency’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, marks it possible for experienced industry associates to develop, demonstrate, and verify advanced propulsion system technologies as part of NASA’s aerospace research programs. Research and development determinations in these technologies will report a wide variety of propulsion issues for subsonic, …

The Institution of Engineers (India) – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE-USA) Reward for Engineering Brilliancy


The Institution of Engineers (IEI, India) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, India) have come together to introduce a prominent award for engineering brilliancy in numerous fields of engineering and technology. This national level award will identify engineering superiority with an advantage to society in the Electrical Engineering fields and related practical zones. The …